Physiotherapy is the treatment of a wide range of conditions and injuries to the body.  It is done through the use of various forms of passive mobilization, massage, electrotherapy and exercise.  The sooner your physiotherapy begins, the quicker your recovery.  From sports injuries to personal injuries, or those with shoulder, neck, and back pain, our physiotherapist can help.  In an effort to meet all of our patients needs, we offer free transportation and/or house calls for home bound patients within a reasonable distance from our location.  What we can do for you:

Reduce Pain  |  Decrease Swelling  |  Restore Movement and Function

Restore Muscle Strength  |  Enhance Soft Tissue  |  Correct Muscle Imbalances


Dr. Ronnie Johnson, Jr.


Dr. Ronnie Johnson, Jr. received his degree from Howard University in Washington D.C. and has had training from:

  • National Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Howard University Hospital

  • Daniel Freeman Hospital

  • King-Drew Medical Center


Dr. Johnson has experience in a variety of rehabilitation specialties and has coordinated treatment plans for Sports, Orthopedics, and Geriatric Care.  He has used his expertise to rehabilitate former No. 1 tennis star Serena Williams and NFL athletes Keyshawn Johnson, Dennis Northcutt, Sam Rodgers, Lamont Warren and J.R. Redmond.

Dr. Danielle Wortham


Dr. Danielle Wortham received her Masters degree from Howard University in Washington D.C. and her Doctorate from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota.  She also had training from:

  • Brotman Medical Center

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center

  • USC University Hospital 


Dr. Danielle, a California based physical therapist, has over 20 years of experience performing skilled physical therapy in a variety of settings, including inpatient, home health care, adult day care, community centers, and outpatient care. 

"Dr. Danielle is AWESOME!! She knows her business and is skilled in her expertise."  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

                                                                                   - R. Cooper


Dr. Amanda Ramirez


Dr. Amanda Ramirez received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. She is a licensed home health doctor, outpatient and pelvic health doctor of physical therapy.


She has received training in: 

  • Lymphatics and Pelvic Pain

  • Kinesio Tape Level I & II

  • Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Full spectrum doula and in home Postpartum Physical Therapy

Dr. Amanda Ramirez has experience performing comprehensive orthopedic assessments of patients to formulate a physical therapy diagnosis, prognosis and plan. She is able to incorporate her knowledge of yoga, pilates, holistic care and meditation into her treatment plans.