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Korebalance Premiere 22

The Korebalance® is a medical device for balance testing and training. Backed by over two decades of medical experience, the Korebalance® provides our patients with the best possible documented neurosensory assessment and training. 


Korebalance® is the only system with VSR (Variable Speed Reaction) training that challenges a patient’s balance through various velocities, angles, and directions, demanding cognitive, visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive engagement.  By challenging these systems simultaneously via repetitive actions, the body is required to make balance corrections automatically.


Korebalance helps to: 

Improve Balance 

Reduce Falls

Increase Coordination

Regain Stability 

Build Confidence 


How it Works: 

The patient is put on a variable stability platform, meaning the platform can be varied from very stable to very unstable. The tests are typically 30 seconds and we measure time and distance that the subject is away from the given target. The result is then displayed as an absolute number from typically 5,000 to 0. The lower the number the better. The static test can be done with eyes open and eyes closed. Training sessions typically last about 15 minutes.

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